Scheduling a mediation can be a challenge. Coordinating five or more calendars which change on a daily basis takes patience, persistence and sometimes luck. We will work with you to find a date that fits everyone's schedule.  To facilitate scheduling, we have created an online calendar.

Note: As of 2018, Michael Curry is mediating only in Austin, Texas and does not travel to other cities.

To schedule a mediation:

1. Go to the Mediation Calendar 

1a. See which dates are currently open. The Mediation Calendar is updated daily. Dates that are "on hold" are being temporarily held for one party while the other parties are being contacted. To access the mediation calendar click here.

2. To  schedule a mediation on an open date call(512-474-5573)  or e-mail Michael Curry.  If you call and Michael is unavailable, please leave a message. He will confirm the availability of the date and you will be asked to provide the information described below in paragraph 4.  If you e-mail, please include that information in your message and you will receive confirmation that the date is still available.

3. If an open date looks promising but you need to check with the other parties,  Michael will be glad to put that date on hold for you while you check with the other parties.  If you are interested in a date that is "on hold",  he will contact the party for whom the date is being held to determine its status. If you are interested in a date that is already scheduled, at your request they will put you on a waiting list in case the scheduled mediation cancels.

4. Once a date is confirmed,  provide the following information, by fax or email, to schedule the mediation:
a. The style of the case (if filed)
b. The names of the parties and their counsel.
c. The address, telephone and email address ( or if unavailable the fax number) of all counsel.

We will then provide written confirmation of the date, time and location of the mediation and a form for submitting confidential pre-mediation information.

Office Telephone Number: (512) 474-5573

Office Fax Number: (512) 777-4916.
E-mail address for mediation scheduling:

Additional Information - Start Times, Mediation Fees etc

Start Times: Most mediations are scheduled to begin as early as 8:30 a.m. or as late as 1:30 p.m. depending on whether the mediation is a one-half day or full-day mediation, and whether any of the parties or their counsel are traveling from out of town. Generally, morning mediations are scheduled for 9:00 a.m. and afternoon mediations for 1:30 p.m.  If you have special circumstances, (such as the need for an early or late start or a weeknight or weekend mediation) please let us know.  We will do everything possible to accommodate you.

Location: Michael can accommodate most mediations in his office, however, if the parties agree on a different location in Austin that agreement will be honored. His office has a parking garage and the parking is validated.

Mediation Fees: The mediation fee depends on the number of parties and the amount of time set aside for the mediation. It is calculated on a per party flat fee basis. Multiple parties represented by one law firm or a single party represented by multiple law firms are considered one party for fee calculation.

The mediation fee for a two-party full-day mediation in Austin is $1100 per side. For one-half day mediations in Austin the fee is $700 per party.  For full-day mediations involving more than two-parties, the per party rate is discounted.

Cancellations: Last minute cancellations and postponements are to be avoided if at all possible. Michael is clinging to his longstanding policy of NOT charging cancellation or postponement fees. Before becoming a full-time mediator in 1994, he practiced law for 15 years and knows that "conflicts happen."

Here are some steps which will help to avoid cancellations/postponements:

a. If you need certain information or need to take a deposition or have a hearing before your client is prepared to mediate, either accomplish those tasks before the mediation is scheduled or schedule the mediation far enough in advance to realistically accomplish those steps. Ask the other side if there is something they will need before mediation and get it to them as far in advance of the mediation as possible.

b. Decide before you schedule the mediation whether it will be necessary to add an additional party. Mediations scheduled before a new party is added have an extremely high postponement rate.

c. When the mediation is scheduled, immediately notify your client in writing and emphasize the importance of holding that date open.

Hotels: For Hotel/Motel locations go to, click on Maps, type in our office address and when the map appears click on hotel/motels and you will get a list of accommodations with telephone numbers and approximate locations. Or, call or email Michael's office, they will be glad to help.

References: Michael does not publish a list of references. Instead, all prospective mediation participants desiring a confidential assessment are encouraged to call an Austin lawyer whose opinion they value. There is a good chance that the lawyer or someone in his or her firm has mediated with Michael. If not or if you prefer, call Michael and ask for the names of other attorneys on either side of the docket from Austin or around the state, for whom he has mediated. He will be glad provide that information.

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